New year 2022 Dance and singing Contest


New Year 2022 Singing and Dance Contest

1.  Participation in this contest is FREE. There is no entry fee. One entry per person. All ages above 13 ok

2.  Choose your own best song to make your one min video. And send it to whatsapp number 9176510969. All types and all languages are ok

3.  No text in videos and no frames in video. Check our insta page for samples. Video quality should be good with clear audio of the song. FRESH video taken within three days before the submission

4.  Last date to apply 25th 5 pm of every month.

5. Top 10 will be announced on 30th of same month. Winner will be announced on or before 10th of following month

6.  One Winner for singing and one for dancing will get Rs 2022 cash prize & e-certificate before 30th of following month. Winner based on performance and personality. Not based on likes and views.

7.  Hiddenidol decision will be final. Hiddenidol reserves right to accept or reject or publish any submissions. Video once published can not be deleted at any point of time

8.  Top 10 will get e-certificate (Internationally recognized). Top 10 winners to send their performance video, winning talk video, and their full name, name of the contest won, category (dancing or singing)

9.  NO CALLS. ONLY WHATSAPP CHAT. Any calls, number and account will be blocked.

10.  We randomly check identification and age proof.11.

12. For Kids below 19 need parent permission to participate in this contest

Good luck