Participation in our contests:

  1. Hiddenidol decision is final
  2. We only consider performance as a criteria to select winners. Not on social media views, comments, shares etc
  3. If you won any of the contests, you can not participate in the contest for 3 months in same category
  4. Only one entry per person
  5. Winner in one category cant participate in same for 6 months. So others get opportunity.
  6. Only one category per contest
  7. If your entry does not follow our guidelines, then we do not consider your entry
  8. We check Identification proof for entries
  9. Once you shared content, once your content is shared in our website or our social media pages, it will not be deleted any time
  10. All our contests one entry per person. If you submit multiple entries, we will not consider you for the contest fully. For example sending multiple photos, drawings, videos etc. 
  11. We prefer videos or photos taken after contest announcement
  12. Results are normally declared at hiddenidol.com/results page on or before the results date.
  13. Participation certificate in electronic format is issued to all the shortlisted participants only within 30 days
  14. Prizes announced will be distributed or paid in 30 days after winners completes their winners formalities
  15. Winners are required or asked to provide us a feedback video in two languages as per sample provided
  16. Hiddenidol is truely committed to promote hidden talent and artistic quallities present among the people of all ages
  17. It is to notify that if you are under 18 , then kindly use the services provided by the Hiddenidol under the guidance of parents
  18. Parents must share the contents of their kids with Hiddenidol
  19. One must keep in mind that while recording video , he or she should not use copyright – protected material, so that when Hiddenidol team upload the content, they do not face any kind of issue
  20. Pre-recorded stage shows on or after contest announcement date not accepted, Videos recorded with background text logo not accepted, Videos recorded with casual dress also accepted.
  21. In case, if a person is found to be violating laws after being warned several times, Hiddenidol will immediately terminate that person’s account and he or she will not be allowed to participate in contests conducted by Hiddenidol
  22. Accepting or rejection of videos are based on hidden idol decision.
  23. These terms of service are equally important and same for all users of every age group
  24. Content includes texts , softwares, graphics, photos and many more
  25. Sometimes service may contain links to third party websites that are owned by Hiddenidol. So , Hiddenidol will not be held responsible, if third party does unfair actions
  26. Hiddenidol cannot censor or edit the contents from the third party websites
  27. It is necessary to read terms and conditions while visiting to other websites or you leave our services
  28. No one is allowed to distribute the content without Hiddenidol’s prior written permission. Moreover, you cannot alter any part of the service.
  29. You must inform Hiddenidol immediately during unauthorised use of your content or account
  30. The way you visit or use Hiddenidol website and other social media handles of Hiddenidol, we believe that you accept and agree with the terms and conditions, Hiddenidol privacy and Hiddenidol community guidelines
  31. If you do not agree to any these terms either Hiddenidol privacy or Hiddenidols community guidelines , kindly do not use the service
  32. To stay updated, you must visit and observe terms of service periodically at https://www.hiddenidol.com// terms
  33. The modification in terms of service and policies be made anytime solely by Hiddenidol.