About Us


Hiddenidol is a globally present organisation with registered international trademark. Our vision is to be a number one global platform for all to demonstrate their uniqueness. We create Legends. From 2015, around the world, we have conducted over 300 audition events, 60 festivals, 9 contests and 3 World Records.

We celebrated our silver jubilee of festivals in London on 25 November 2018. Our participants are from across the world. We use all available channels across the world to expose our participants and trigger everyone’s unique talents.

Our team consist of passionate leaders who make our customer’s journey memorable throughout their life. We lead, entertain and educate all.

See this video to get a glimpse of Hiddenidol for the past 5 years

Hiddenidol organised around 60 festivals across the world. 100s of contests and several world records.

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We received excellent feedback from performers, gurus, viewers and this can be found HERE.

Hiddenidol is the only organisation in India with international trademarks registered. Please check the trademark awarded HERE.